Enterprise Teleworker Module

The Enterprise Teleworker module provides people in geographically dispersed locations, such as home offices or hotels, with highly secure access to central-site applications and network services.

The Enterprise Teleworker module supports a small office with one to several employees or the home office of a telecommuter. Telecommuters might also be mobile users—people who need access while traveling or who do not work at a fixed company site.

Depending on the amount of use and the WAN services available, telecommuters working from home tend to use broadband or dialup services. Mobile users tend to access the company network using a broadband Internet service and the VPN client software on their laptops or via an asynchronous dialup connection through the telephone company. Telecommuters working from home might also use a VPN tunnel gateway router for encrypted data and voice traffic to and from the company intranet. These solutions provide simple and safe access for teleworkers to the corporate network site, according to the needs of the users at the sites.

The Cisco Teleworker solution provides an easy-to-deploy, centrally managed solution that addresses both the workers' mobility needs and the enterprise's needs for lower operational costs, security, productivity, business resiliency, and business responsiveness. Small ISRs form the backbone of the Enterprise Teleworker architecture. An optional IP phone can be provided to take advantage of a centralized Cisco Unified Communications system.

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