Enterprise Data Center Module

The Enterprise Data Center module has an architecture that is similar to the campus Server Farm module discussed earlier. The Enterprise Data Center network architecture allows the network to evolve into a platform that enhances the application, server, and storage solutions and equips organizations to manage increased security, cost, and regulatory requirements while providing the ability to respond quickly to changing business environments. The Enterprise Data Center module may include the following components:

■ At the networked infrastructure layer: Gigabit Ethernet, 10-Gigabit Ethernet, or InfiniBand connections, with storage switching and optical transport devices

NOTE InfiniBand is a high-speed switched fabric mesh technology.

■ At the interactive services layer: Services include storage fabric services, computer services, security services, and application optimization services

■ At the management layer: Tools include Fabric Manager (for element and network management) and Cisco VFrame (for server and service provisioning)

The remote Enterprise Data Center module also needs highly available WAN connectivity with business continuance capabilities to integrate it with the rest of the Cisco Enterprise Architecture. The Server Farm module in the campus can leverage the WAN connectivity of the campus core, but the remote Enterprise Data Center must implement its own WAN connectivity.

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