Cisco MIB

The Cisco private MIB definitions are under the Cisco MIB subtree ( or Cisco MIB definitions supported on Cisco devices are available at

The Cisco private MIB subtree contains three subtrees: Local (2), Temporary (3), and CiscoMgmt (9). The Local (2) subtree contains MIB objects defined before Cisco IOS software release 10.2; these MIB objects are implemented in the SNMPv1 Structure of Management Information (SMI). The SMI defines the structure of data that resides within MIB-managed objects. Beginning with Cisco IOS software release 10.2, however, Cisco MIBs are defined according to the SNMPv2 SMI and are placed in the CiscoMgmt subtree (9). The variables in the temporary subtree are subject to change for each Cisco IOS software release.

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