CDP Information

Information in CDP frames includes the following:

■ Device ID: The name of the neighbor device and either the MAC address or the serial number of the device.

■ Local Interface: The local (on this device) interface connected to the discovered neighbor.

■ Holdtime: The remaining amount of time (in seconds) that the local device holds the CDP advertisement from a sending device before discarding it.

■ Capability List: The type of device discovered (R—Router, T—Trans Bridge, B—Source Route Bridge, S—Switch, H—Host, I—IGMP, r—Repeater).

■ Platform: The device's product type.

■ Port Identifier (ID): The port (interface) number on the discovered neighbor on which the advertisement is sent. This is the interface on the neighbor device to which the local device is connected.

■ Address List: All network layer protocol addresses configured on the interface (or, in the case of protocols configured globally, on the device). Examples include IP, Internetwork Packet Exchange, and DECnet.

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