Case Study Questions

Complete the following steps:

Step 1 Based on the design up to this point, what aspects of the infrastructure need to be considered when adding voice?

Step 2 Select the IP telephony design model most appropriate to ACMC, and indicate where you would place the various IP telephony components.

Each remote clinic must be able to place local calls without going through the main campus. What devices will be needed at each site? What else must be added to be able to support local conference calls?

WAN backup is by IPsec VPN across the Internet. What service characteristics might IPsec or the Internet lack that voice requires? What could be added to your design to remedy this?

The ACMC current phone system uses a PBX at each clinic, with phone trunks to the main campus PBX. The Director of Telephony just had a call study done and is convinced she has sufficient capacity. Table 8-7 summarizes the number of calls currently supported for each remote site. Table 8-7 ACMC Call Study Results

Remote Clinic

Number of Calls on the Trunk to the Main Campus



2, 3,4, 5


Estimate how much WAN bandwidth each ACMC site would need if the G.711 and G.729 codecs were used. Assume that with the required call parameters, a G.729 call uses about 25 kbps and a G.711 call uses about 92 kbps. Is there enough bandwidth in the ACMC WAN?

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