Case Study ACMC Hospital Routing Protocol Design

This case study is a continuation of the ACMC Hospital case study introduced in Chapter 2.

Case Study General Instructions

Use the scenarios, information, and parameters provided at each task of the ongoing case study. If you encounter ambiguities, make reasonable assumptions and proceed. For all tasks, use the initial customer scenario and build on the solutions provided thus far. You can use any and all documentation, books, white papers, and so on.

In each step, you act as a network design consultant. Make creative proposals to accomplish the customer's business needs. Justify your ideas when they differ from the provided solutions. Use any design strategies you feel are appropriate. The final goal of each case study is a paper solution.

Appendix A, "Answers to Review Questions and Case Studies," provides a solution for each step based on assumptions made. There is no claim that the provided solution is the best or only solution. Your solution might be more appropriate for the assumptions you made. The provided solution helps you understand the author's reasoning and allows you to compare and contrast your solution.

In this case study you determine the routing protocol design for the ACMC hospital network. Complete the following steps:

Step 1 Determine a suitable routing protocol or protocols for the ACMC network, and design the protocol hierarchy.

Step 2 What summary routes could be configured in this network?

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