Case Studies and Review Questions

Starting in Chapter 2, each chapter concludes with a case study on Acme County Medical Center (ACMC) Hospital, a fictitious small county hospital in the United States, to help you evaluate your understanding of the concepts presented. In each task of the case study, you act as a network design consultant and make creative proposals to accomplish the customer's business needs. The final goal of each case study is a paper solution. Also starting in Chapter 2, each chapter also includes review questions on the subjects covered in that chapter so that you can test your knowledge.

To find out how you did and what material you might need to study further, you can compare your answers to those provided in Appendix A. Note that for each case study task, Appendix A provides a solution based on the assumptions made. There is no claim that the provided solution is the best or only solution. Your solution might be more appropriate for the assumptions you made. The provided solution allows you to understand the author's reasoning and offers you a means of comparing and contrasting your solution.

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