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Shawn Boyd is a senior network consultant for ARP Technologies, Inc. He has worldwide experience in consulting on many different projects, such as security/VoIP for Cisco Systems Israel, intrusion prevention for Top Layer Networks of Boston, and DSL infrastructure rollout for Telus Canada. Shawn is also active in course development and is a certified Cisco instructor with ARP Technologies, Inc., responsible for teaching most of the Cisco curriculum. He has coauthored IT security-related books for Cisco Press and has been a technical editor on a few Cisco Press Self-Study Guides. His background is in network security and design at a service provider level. He has worked for Canada's largest telco providers, performing network designs and implementations, and was lead contact on many large government contracts.

Richard Piquard is a senior network architect for Global Knowledge Network, Inc. He has more than seven years of experience as a certified Cisco instructor, teaching introductory and advanced routing, switching, design, and voice-related courses throughout North America and Europe. Richard has a highly diverse skill set in design and implementation of both Cisco and multivendor environments. His experience in the industry ranges from his military background as the network chief of the Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico, Virginia, to a field engineer for the Xylan Corporation (Alcatel), Calabasas, California, to a member of a four-person, worldwide network planning and implementation team for the Household Finance Corporation, Chicago.

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