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The Implementation Plan should include a project schedule or timeline. The level of detail you include in a schedule depends on your role on the project. In general, the schedule should at least include the dates and deliverables for major milestones. Table 14-1 shows an example of a high-level schedule that was developed by a sales engineer for an actual customer.

Table 14-1. High-level schedule developed for a network design customer.

Date of Completion


June 1

Design completed and a beta version of the design document distributed to key executives, managers, network administrators, and end users

June 15

Comments on the design document due

June 22

Final design document distributed

June 25

Installation of leased lines between all buildings completed by WAN service provider

June 28-29

Network administrators trained on new system

June 30-July 1

End users trained on new system

July 6

Pilot implementation completed in Building 1

July 20

Feedback received on pilot from network administrators and end users

July 27

Implementation completed in Buildings 2-5

August 10

Feedback received on Buildings 2-5 implementation from network administrators and end users

August 17

Implementation completed in the rest of the buildings


New system monitored to verify that it meets goals

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