Show framerelay pvc

The show frame-relay pvc command is useful for gathering statistics and measurements for individual virtual circuit interconnections between sites. From a documentation standpoint, only the following information is required from this command's output:

• DLCI— Data Link Connection Identifier

• CIR— Committed Information Rate

The show frame-relay pvc command is used (in EXEC mode) to display statistics about permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) for Frame Relay interfaces.

show frame-relay pvc [interface interface [dlci]]

Table 16-11. Description of show frame-relay pvc Command




(Optional) A specific interface for which PVC information will be displayed.


(Optional) Interface number containing the DLCI(s) for which you want to display PVC information.


(Optional) A specific DLCI number used on the interface. Statistics for the specified PVC display when a DLCI is also specified.

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