Routing Information Protocol RIP

RIP has been around since before the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) came into existence in 1969. RIP was standardized as an open standard routing protocol with RFC 1058. RIP has endured several updates, as the following timeline demonstrates:

June 1988 / RFC 1058 Routing Information Protocol. C.L. Hedrick. Jun-01-1988. Format: TXT=93285 bytes. Updated by RFC 1388, RFC 1723.

RIP was designed and engineered to be a simple distance-vector routing protocol, and because RIP is an open standard, it is a safe assumption that any network routing device is capable of supporting RIP. RIP is an IGP that was designed for use in small, simple networks. RIP was designed and engineered to support only classful routing and has no support for classless routing, such as classless interdomain routing (CIDR).

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