Full Duplex Transmission

Full-duplex operation is an optional MAC adapter capability that allows simultaneous two-way transmission over point-to-point links. Full duplex transmission is much simpler than half-duplex transmission because it involves no media contention, no collisions, no need to schedule retransmissions, and no need for extension bits on the end of short frames. The result is more time available for data transmission, effectively doubling the link bandwidth as each link can support simultaneous two-way transmission across the wire at the full bandwidth rate.

Table 3-6 demonstrates the maximum total data transfer rate for each Ethernet operational mode.

Table 3-6. Ethernet Mode and Maximum Transfer Rate

Operational Mode

Maximum Total Data Transfer Rate

1000BaseT full-duplex

2000 Mbps

1000BaseT half-duplex

1000 Mbps

100BaseT2 full-duplex

200 Mbps

100BaseT2 half-duplex

100 Mbps

100BaseTX full-duplex

200 Mbps

100BaseTX half-duplex

100 Mbps

100BaseT4 full-duplex

Not a supported implementation

100BaseT4 half-duplex

100 Mbps

10BaseT full-duplex

20 Mbps

10BaseT half-duplex

10 Mbps

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