Characterize Existing Network Reliability and Utilization

Gather statistics about each major network segment using a monitoring tool such as a protocol analyzer, network monitor, or network management tool. If possible, monitor each segment for at least a day. At the end of the day, record the following measurements:

• Total megabytes

• Total number of frames

• Total number of CRC errors

• Total number of MAC-layer errors (collisions, Token Ring soft errors, FDDI ring ops)

• Total number of broadcasts/multicast frames

• Network utilization for each hour

Characterize the current network by filling in Table A-6. To calculate average network utilization, add each hourly average and divide by the number of hourly averages, as demonstrated by the following formula:

Z = (X j +■ Xi + X^XxVn, where Z = Netwt>rkfW.KrtGK x = Hourly Average, and ji or

NetworkAvERAGt. = (Z Hourly Average / Number of Hours)

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