Installation Issues

If you have successfully installed CTA but are not being postured, or are seeing any indication that CTA is operational, first verify that the services are running. For Windows, you should see the following services running:

• Cisco Posture Server Daemon

• Cisco Systems, Inc., CTA Posture State Daemon

• Cisco Trust Agent EOU Daemon

• Cisco Trust Agent Logger Daemon

If the 802.1X lite supplicant is installed, you will also see the following services:

• Cisco Trust Agent 802.1X wired client

For Mac and Linux installations, verify that the following daemons are running:

This can be verified by executing the command:

If one or more of the services are not running, reboot the machine to see if that resolves the issue. If not, enable logging in the ctalogd.ini file and examine the logs to see if they give a reason why a service failed to start. If necessary uninstall, reboot, and then reinstall CTA.

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