Unknown routing protocol Error Message

This error message is generated when the router ospf 1 command is typed on a router to configure OSPF. This message means that the software or the hardware does not support OSPF. Usually low-end platforms, such as 1000 and 1600 series routers, need a special image (that is, the Plus feature set) to run OSPF. Some low-end platforms, such as 800 series routers, do not support OSPF.



This message appears in two situations:

• No up/up interface with a valid IP address

• Not enough up interfaces with a valid IP address for multiple OSPF processes

OSPF requires a valid IP address that is up/up so that it can allocate a router ID for the OSPF process. The IP address must be assigned on an up/up interface. If a router fails to allocate router IDs, OSPF will not function. This problem can be corrected by using loopback addresses.


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