OSPF4Badlsatype Invalid lsa Bad LSA type Type 6 Error Message

This is normal if the neighboring router is sending the multicast OSPF (MOSPF) packet. For more information on MOSPF, refer to RFC 1584. Cisco routers do not support MOSPF, so they simply ignore it. To get rid of these messages, simply type the following:

router ospf 1

ignore lsa mospf

If the type is something other than 6, it's probably a bug or a memory corruption error. Refer to the section "OSPF Neighbor Stuck in LOADING" to learn more about how to fix the BAD LSA problem.

This message means that OSPF received an invalid packet. Three common types of this message can occur:

• Mismatch area ID

• OSPF not enabled on the receiving interface

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