Upon completing this lesson, you will be able to distinguish between autonomous and lightweight WLAN implementations and describe PoE and WLAN antennas. This ability includes being able to meet these objectives:

■ Describe the implementation of the Cisco autonomous and lightweight WLAN solution that is part of the Cisco implementation of WLANs

■ Describe how LWAPP is used in the Cisco lightweight WLAN implementation

■ Describe the components of the Cisco WLAN implementations

■ Describe Cisco Unified Wireless Networks

■ Describe Cisco Aironet access points and bridges

■ Describe PoE for access points and IP phones

■ Identify the types of antennas to use in WLAN environments

■ Explain multipath distortion

■ Describe the decibel calculation

■ Explain the established EIRP guidelines

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