Chapter Review Questions

1. What are the MPLS applications mentioned in this chapter?

2. Name three advantages of running MPLS in a service provider network.

3. What are the advantages of the MPLS VPN solution for the service provider over all the other VPN solutions?

4. Name the four technologies that can be used to carry IP over ATM.

5. Name two pre-MPLS protocols that use label switching.

6. What do the ATM switches need to run so that they can operate MPLS?

7. How do you ensure optimal traffic flow between all the customer sites in an ATM or Frame Relay overlay network?

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What You Will Learn

After completing this chapter, you will be able to do the following:

■ Explain the format of an MPLS label

■ Describe a stack of MPLS labels and explain where it resides in the frame

■ Tell what a label switch router is and what functions it needs to perform

■ Describe what a label switched path and a Forwarding Equivalence Class are

■ Explain the difference between LIB and LFIB and how they are used in MPLS networks

■ Determine how labels are distributed in an MPLS network

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