Chapter Review Questions

1. As which kind of port type can the customer-facing Ethernet interface on the PE router be configured?

2. How many labels are used to forward VPLS traffic, and what is the use of each of those labels?

3. What does VFI stand for?

4. Which Layer 2 control protocols can be tunneled across the VPLS network?

5. Why do the PE routers need to be in a full mesh of pseudowires in VPLS?

6. Name the six functions that VPLS performs in emulating an Ethernet switch.

7. In which two ways can H-VPLS be implemented?

What You Will Learn

By the end of this chapter, you should know and be able to explain the following:

■ How QoS information is propagated in MPLS networks

■ Which kind of DiffServ tunneling models are available

■ How to implement the different DiffServ tunneling models in Cisco IOS


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