Chapter Review Questions

1. Name the four fields that are part of a label.

2. How many labels can reside in a label stack?

3. In which layer does MPLS fit in the OSI reference model?

4. Which table does an LSR use to forward labeled packets?

5. What type of interfaces in Cisco IOS uses the Downstream-on-Demand label distribution mode and the per-interface label space?

6. Why does the MPLS label have a Time To Live (TTL) field?

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What You Will Learn

After completing this chapter, you will be able to do the following:

■ Explain how labeled packets are forwarded

■ Name the reserved MPLS labels and know what they are used for

■ Determine the importance of MPLS MTU in MPLS networks

■ Explain what happens to labeled packets that have TTL expiring

■ Explain what happens with labeled packets that need to be fragmented


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