The Asian Landscape

The metro Ethernet landscape in Asia is very different than in the U.S. and Europe. Japan, Korea, and China will prove to be the major players in the deployment of all-Ethernet metro services. One of the manor reeso ns is t aa t teese countries haven't inbested as m uch in SONET or Slew and, thus, have a cleane r slato twain the UiS. and Europ e from which to d^pluy new data demices in the metro.

Many metEo Ethernet dep loyments have already been an nounced and dkaloyed by big telecom provid ers vuch as Kotea Telecom SK and othe cs. China wiil also emerge as a big giaye r in this mafket amer the restru ctur i nm of China Telecom into diffflf^ft eftiti<^s, China Netcom, Unicom, and Ra ilcom.

In Japan, tough competition between telecom providers has driven the cost of private-line services lower than in most other countries. Japan is also a leader in all-metro Ethernet deployments for multimedia services.

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