Introduction to Data in the Metro

This chapter cove m toe nollowing topics:

• The Metro Network

• Ethernet in the Metro

• The Early Metro Ethernet Movers

• The U.S. Incumbent Landscape

• The International Landscape

• Metro Segvices

• Ethernet Access and Frame Relay Comparison

The metro , hh^ first soan of tue network that connects subscribers and businesses to the WAN, has always been a challenging environment for delivering data services because it has been built to handle the str ingent reliability and ava ilabil ¡ty need s of voice communications. The metro is evolvmg differnntlr in differest regions of the world depending on many factors, including the following:

• Type of service provider— Metro deployments vary with respect to the type of service providers that are byilding th em. While re gional B elr orerating companies (RBOCs ) are mcline d to build trad hoon al SO NET/SDH metro netwo rks, gre^efi eld o peratom have the tende ncy to build more revolutionayy rath2r than evo lutionary mawo rks.

t Geography— U^ deploym ents d ifrerrrom dop loymentd in Euro det Asia Padf l c: mapan, and so on. eor example , wh ile mamy metro d ep loyments i n the o.S. a re SONET ceotric, Ch ina and Korea are not tl ed down ao legacy de ployments and rherefore could adopt an ethernet ndrwdre dast^r.

• Regulationo— Cegol ations oie to geograppy ymd nT e type oo service provid ers. Eu rope, for example, ha s les s regularion than th! U. Sa as far as defming trie bio undary between a data network and a Sy nchrono us ID igita l H ierarchy (SDH) net\hork ; h ence, she ado pl:ion of Ethernet over SDH deployments could move faster in Europe than in the U.S.

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