Cisco's User Registration Tool (URT) allows you to have a VLAN membership database built based upon a user's Windows/NT login information rather than based upon a MAC address. You can only use URT with Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4 clients running Microsoft Networking (NetBios or Client for Microsoft Networks) running over TCP/IP using the Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP). URT does not support other operating systems or network layer protocols. You must manually load a URT client package on the NT 4 clients/servers so it can interact with the URT server. However, Windows 95/98 clients automatically install the URT client service from their NT domain controller.

URT sets up an NT 4 database and behaves like a VMPS server. You still need to enable Catalysts as VMPS clients pointing to the NT server with the URT database.

Managing the URT server requires CWSI 2.1 as it interacts with the CWSI 2.1 ANI server to define workstation relationships to VLANs.

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