Static Multicast Configurations

One tool that you have to control the distribution of multicast frames modifies the bridge table. You can statically define which ports should receive what multicast traffic. For example, suppose that PC-1 and PC-2 in Figure 13-10 belong to multicast group You can manually modify the bridge table specifying that the ports they attach to should receive any frames with a destination address of 01-00-5E-01 -0A-0A. You can do this with the Catalyst command set cam {static | permanent} multicast_macmod/ports.. VLAN. (CAM means content addressable memory and refers to the hardware portion containing the bridge table.) You can enter the multicast address multicast_MAC to the bridge table as a static or permanent entry. A static entry modifies the table until you reset the Catalyst. Normal bridge aging processes are suspended for static entries. But the Catalyst does not remember the entry across power cycles or resets. On the other hand, you can make the change permanent. A permanent entry stores the address in NVRAM so that the Catalyst restores the configuration after a reset or power cycle.

Modifying the configuration of Figure 13-10 can be accomplished through the command entry shown in Example 13-3.

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