MSFC Hybrid Mode Configuration Concepts

Configuring the MSFC Hybrid Mode is virtually identical to RSM-based MLS configurations discussed in the "Configuring MLS" section of Chapter 11. It uses the same interface vlan vlan_number concepts for its configuration. Routing protocols and other features use the same RSM-like commands.

The MSFC RP is also similar to the RSM in that it uses a full IOS image, thereby creating the same split personality seen in the RSM sections of Chapter 11. When connected to the console port of the Catalyst Supervisor, you are presented with the usual set, clear, and show commands available in all Catalysts using the XDI/CatOS interface. However, by using the session command, you create a virtual connection to the MSFC RP. This instantly transforms you from the world of Catalyst XDI/CatOS to the realm of router IOS.

Recall from Chapter 11 that the session command requires a parameter consisting of the router's slot number. In the case of the RSM, this can easily be determined by visual inspection. In the case of the MSFC RP, which operates as a daughter card in Slot 1 and/or Slot 2, the numbering scheme is less obvious because it uses a virtual slot number. One way to determine the appropriate slot is to use the show module command as seen in Example 18-5.

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