Figure 719 Load Balancing Using the set spantree portvlancost Command

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First, consider load balancing in Building 1. Cat-1C, the IDF switch in Building 1, has two potential paths to the Root Bridge. It can go directly to Cat-1A over the 1/1 link at a cost of 19, or it can use the 1/2 link to go through Cat-1B at a cost of 23 (19+4). The 1/1 link is fine for VLAN 2, but load balancing requires that VLAN 3 use the 1/2 link. This can be accomplished by increasing the Root Path Cost on the 1/1 link to anything greater than 23 for VLANs that should take the 1/2 link. For example, enter the command from Example 7-3 on Cat-1C to increase the Root Path Cost for VLAN 3 on Port 1/1 to 1000.

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