Example 1824 Configuring EIGRP as a Routing Protocol

NativeMode(config)# interface range 5/1-5, 6/1-24, 7/1-48 NativeMode(config-if)# switchport mode access NativeMode(config-if)# switchport access vlan 2

NativeMode(config-if)# end NativeMode#

This assigns 77 ports to VLAN 2 in one step, a huge time saver! In short, Example 18-24 is equivalent to the set vlan 2 5/1-5,6/1-24,7/1-48 command on XDI/CatOS-based Catalysts. Notice that interface range commands do not directly appear in the configuration. Instead, the results of Example 18-24 will appear in the output of show running-config on each of the separate 77 interfaces it references.

Be sure to use the interface range command when configuring Native IOS Mode devices.

Users accustomed to the show port and show trunk XDI/CatOS commands will find familiar ground in the enhancements to the show interface syntax. For example, the XDI/CatOS command show trunk has been ported to the show interface trunk command as shown in Example 18-25.

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