Example 121 Creating a VLAN with No VTP Domain Configured

Console> (enable) set vlan 10 name willitwork Cannot add/modify VLANs on a VTP server without a domain name. Console> (enable)

What constitutes a VTP domain? Three required conditions associate Catalysts to a common VTP domain:

• The Catalysts must have the same VTP domain name.

• Trunking must be enabled between the Catalysts.

The first prerequisite for VTP domain membership involves the management domain name. Catalysts identify their VTP management domain membership through the domain name. All Catalysts that you want to be in the same domain must have the same management domain name. Catalysts initially obtain their VTP management domain name either through command-line configuration or configuration file, or, if trunks are enabled, automatically from a neighbor Catalyst. To manually configure a Catalyst into a management domain, use the set vtp domain name command. Full usage is shown in Example 12-2.

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