Example 1116 Sample Catalyst 8500 Series Configuration

ipx routing 0000.0000.1001 ! interface FastEthernet0/0/0 description VLAN 1 ip address ! interface FastEthernet0/0/1 description VLAN 2 ip address ipx network 2 ! interface FastEthernet0/0/2 description VLAN 3 ip address ipx encapsulation ARPA ipx network 3 ! interface FastEthernet0/0/3 no ip address ! interface FastEthernet0/0/3.4 description VLAN 4 encapsulation isl 4 ip address ipx network 4 ! interface FastEthernet0/0/3.5 description VLAN 5 encapsulation isl 5 ip address ipx network 5 ! router eigrp 1 network

All VLANs are configured for both IP and IPX traffic except VLAN 1 which is only using IP. All of the IPX interfaces are using the default Ethernet encapsulation of novell_ether except Fast Ethernet0/0/2 which is using ARPA (DIX V2). Also, because Cat-D is using two VLANs, Fast Ethernet0/0/3 is configured for ISL. As with the ISL router-on-a-stick examples earlier, each VLAN is configured on a separate subinterface.

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