Example 1111 Output of show mls on the Catalyst Supervisor

Cat-A> (enable) show mls Multilayer switching enabled Multilayer switching aging time = 256 seconds Multilayer switching fast aging time = 0 seconds, packet threshold = 0 Current flow mask is Destination flow Configured flow mask is Destination flow Total packets switched = 0 Active shortcuts = 0 Netflow Data Export disabled Netflow Data Export port/host is not configured. Total packets exported = 0

MLS-RP IP MLS-RP ID XTAG MLS-RP MAC-Vlans---------------------------------------

-------------------------- 00000c111111 2 00-00-0c-11-11-11 1 00-00-0c-

22-22-22 2

The first three lines after the initial prompt tell you if MLS is enabled on this Catalyst and the configured aging timers. The next two lines indicate the flow mask currently in use and if a minimum flow mask has been configured. The Total packets switched and Active shortcuts lines can be very useful for keeping track of the amount of shortcut switching being performed and the size of your shortcut cache (as mentioned earlier, it is best to keep this value below 32,000 entries or current versions of the NFFC). The next three lines report the status of NetFlow Data Export, a feature that is discussed later. The bottom section lists all of the known routers, their XTAG values, and a list of the MAC addresses and VLANs.

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