Ensuring the ELANs Are Functional between the Source and the Destination

If you configure the ELANs correctly, you should be able to ping each of the interfaces for each MPS and NHS along the default path between the source and destination client. If not, you either configured the ELAN incorrectly, you have a Layer 3 issue such as a bad IP address, or you have some routing protocol issues.

Examine your intra-ELAN connectivity first. See if you can ping the neighbor device(s) within the ELAN. If you can, ping the next device in the next ELAN, either from your current device or from the next hop component within your ELAN. Do this along each ELAN to ensure that each ELAN is completely functional.

Also ensure that each LEC bound to an MPOA device acquired an elan-id as demonstrated in the Catalyst output of Example 10-3.

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