Configuring VTP Pruning

You can enable VTP pruning with the command set vtp pruning enable. By default, this enables the Catalyst to prune all VLANs. But you can elect to prune only a couple of VLANs. Then, you can modify the prune list by first clearing the list with the command clear vtp pruneeligible vlan_range. Next, you can specify which VLANs to prune with the related command, set vtp pruneeligible vlan_range.

Example 12-9 shows a session where an administrator enables pruning, but then modifies the list of pruning eligible VLANs. When you initially enable pruning, the Catalyst considers all VLANs as pruning eligible. The administrator then specifies VLANs 10-20 as pruning ineligible. This means that any flooded traffic in these VLANs propagate to all Catalysts, even if there is no member of the VLAN on the receiving Catalyst. Note that the default VLANs 1, 1001-1005 are always pruning ineligible. Finally, the administrator restores VLAN 15 as pruning eligible. The show vtp domain output in Example 12-9 confirms pruning as enabled and further confirms the list of pruning eligible VLANs. (See the highlighted fields on the output.)

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