Identifying Transport and Application Layer Support Resources

This section identifies some valuable support resources that are at your disposal. Cisco Connection Online (CCO), which is Cisco's official Web site, and Cisco's documentation pages offer a tremendous amount of useful information (see Figure 12-1). The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Frame Relay Forum (FRF), and ATM Forum also provide valuable information on their Web pages.

Figure 12-1 Cisco Connection Online (CCO) and Documentation

Figure 12-1 Cisco Connection Online (CCO) and Documentation

In case you decide to take advantage of the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center, this section identifies the information you need to gather and have ready to submit to Technical Assistance Center personnel so that they can assist you most effectively.

The following is a list of Web pages from Cisco and other standards organizations that offer valuable information:

■ Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center—

■ CCO—

■ Cisco Systems Technologies Reference (Documentation)— home.htm


■ ITU—

■ FRF—

■ ATM Forum—

So that you can take full advantage of Cisco's Technical Assistance Center, it is recommended that you gather and document the following information prior to contacting it:

■ An accurate network diagram of your network, or at least the part of your network that is experiencing problems. The diagram will be more helpful if it includes IP addresses and masks.

■ All the information you have gathered during the course of troubleshooting.

■ A capture of the show tech-support command output if fewer than four routers are suspected to be faulty.

■ Dial-in or Telnet access to the affected devices.

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