VLAN Groups

A VLAN group is defined as a logical LAN segment that spans different physical LANs. These networks belong to the same group, based on given criteria. The definition of VLAN groups is done with a technique known as frame coloring. During this process, packets originating from and contained within a designated virtual topology carry a VLAN identifier as they traverse the common shared backbone. The process of frame coloring enables the VLAN devices to make intelligent forwarding decisions based upon the VLAN ID.

VLAN groups are often differentiated by assigning each of them a color. Coloring a VLAN group involves assigning an identifier to a VLAN group, which is used when making decisions. Logical VLAN groups can be denoted by department numbers or any other criteria selected by the user. For the purpose of configurations, these colors are denoted by numbers.

There are two types of VLAN technologies:

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