The Failure Situation

Now we will consider the failure situation at the remote sites, and discover how the sites would dial in during the failure situation. Each remote site needs a connection during a failure situation. If it is critical that each site connect within a specified amount of time, the current ODR implementation relies on the provider. The next enhancement of ODR in the next release will provide the required convergence.

Even if you are using the ODR or Enhanced IGRP to connect to the remote sites, the next question is: Where should I place the access server in the network?

Refer to Figure 16-37, in which the routers R1 and R2 share specific information between them on a Frame Relay PVC. In this figure, both are sending summaries to R3 and R4 on Ethernet. When the access server is placed on this network—and if MKS ensures that the access server is placed at the correct location and does not hurt the summarization—the unnecessary queries can be stopped. The network in Figure 16-37 is modified from the one shown in Figure 16-42, in which summarization is not significantly affected by remote site dials into the network.

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