Stuck in Active

In some situations, it might take a very long time for a query to be answered. This can cause Stuck in Active (SIA) because the router becomes stuck in active mode. If this period of time is longer than the router issuing the query is willing to wait, the inquiring router will give up and clear its connection with the neighbor that has not responded to the query.

Queries are sent to all neighbors, in case a route is lost. The active timer responds to this query. When a query is received for a route from the neighbor, it sends the query to all its neighbors, and the process of passing the queries continues. Therefore, if the network does not have a solid addressing structure, and it has a flat architecture, it may require a long period of time to process the queries. The most common reasons for SIA include the following:

• The router is too busy. The router could be busy for a variety of reasons, including processing routing protocol packets or pushing traffic across.

• There is a bad connection because many packets have been dropped or because the link is not staying up for a long enough period of time. Another possibility is that the link could be staying up long enough to keep the neighbor up, but not all the queries are being processed.

• A slower link exists between the neighbors.

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