Figure 152 Location of Snmp Mibs within the Global OID Space

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SMI data types are divided into three categories: simple types, application-wide types, and simply constructed types. Table 15-1 lists each of these types.

The SNMPv2 SMI introduces a number of new data types to work around limitations of the version 1 SMI. For example, the limitation of 32-bit integers became significant as devices became faster and 32-integer counters began to wrap around very quickly. As a result, 64-bit counters were introduced.

Emanating from the root of the tree are three branches: one is administered by CCITT, one by ISO, and one jointly administered by both. Within the ISO hierarchy are branches allocated to a number of organizations (orgs). One of these is the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), under which sits the suite of Internet MIBs. Remember that, historically, the IP suite was developed through the support of the U.S. DoD.

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