Configuring Router USACalR1

The configuration for Router USA.Cal.R1 would be as follows:

interface loopback 0

ip address interface fastethernet 2/1.1 ip address encap isl 100

interface fastethernet 2/1.2 ip address encap isl 200

interface fastethernet 2/1.3 ip address encap isl 300

interface fastethernet 2/1.4 ip address encap isl 400

interface fastethernet 2/1.5 ip address encap isl 500 router ospf 1

network area 1 network area 0 area 1 range

In this configuration, each subinterface represents a VLAN. The IP address is assigned for each VLAN, and the third command defines the encapsulation type, which in this case is ISL plus the VLAN ID.

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