Worksheet 641 Match ACPI Standards

Enter the appropriate ACPI standard (S0, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5) next to the correct power management state description:

ACPI Standard

Power Management States


The CPU is off, but the RAM is refreshed to maintain the contents.


The CPU and RAM are off. The contents of RAM have been saved to a

temporary file on the hard disk. This state is also called Suspend to Disk. In

Windows XP, this state is known as Hibernate.


The CPU is not executing instructions; however, the CPU and RAM are still

receiving power.


The CPU is off, and the RAM is set to a slow refresh rate. This state is called

Suspend to RAM. In Windows XP, this state is known as Standby.


The computer is off and any content that has not been saved will be lost.


The computer is on and all devices are operating at full power.

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