Worksheet 1332 Docking Station

In this activity, you will use the Internet, a newspaper, or a local store to gather information and then enter the specifications for a laptop docking station onto this worksheet. Be prepared to discuss your decisions regarding the docking station you select.

Instructor Note: You may choose another laptop docking station to research. The answers here are specific to the IBM T-43. Most laptops will use manufacturer proprietary docking stations.

1. Research a docking station compatible with a(n) IBM T-43 laptop. (Please ask your instructor for the laptop model to research.) What is the model number of the docking station?

IBM docking station part number 54G0441

2. What is the approximate cost? $140

3. What are the dimensions of the docking station? Height: 0.89 inches, 22.6 mm

Width: 10.6 inches, 269 mm Depth: 8.3 inches, 210.5 mm

4. How does the laptop connect to the docking station?

The laptop has a docking station connector on the underside of the laptop, which attaches to a connector on the docking station.

5. List the features available with this docking station. Key lock security features and security key hole Hot/warm docking support

Built-in stereo speakers

Parallel, serial, USB, RJ-11, RJ-45, VGA, one PS/2 Keyboard/mouse port

Second battery support (for optional ThinkPad Ultrabay Slim Li-Polymer Battery) Ultrabay Slim device support 3 USB 2.0 ports

6. Is this docking station compatible with other laptop models? Yes, this docking station works with the entire IBM T series.

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    What is the model or part number of docking station?
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