Worksheet 1331 Laptop Batteries

In this activity, you will use the Internet, a newspaper, or a local store to gather information and then enter the specifications for a laptop battery onto this worksheet.

Instructor Note: You may choose another laptop battery to research. The answers here are specific to the IBM T-43.

The battery included with the T-43 is a standard 6-Cell Litl Li-Ion 6-Cell Battery Pack (10.8V / 4.8AH) P/N: 92P1089

rechargeable battery.

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Depending on usage, the IBM 6-Cell battery will operate approximately 4 hours. If you need more battery life you can buy an extended life 9-Cell battery.

2. Shop around, and in the following table list the features and cost for a generic and a(n) IBM T-43 laptop battery.

Battery Specifications


IBM T-43

Voltage requirements



Battery cell configuration For example: 6-Cell, 9-Cell




5 Position Connector

5 Position Connector


225.70 x 80.21X 20.30 mm

225.70 x 80.21X 20.30 mm

Hours of life

6 with normal usage

4 with normal usage

Approximate cost



3. Based on your research, which battery would you select? Be prepared to discuss your decisions regarding the battery you select.

The student may choose an extended life battery, but should be prepared to explain that decision.

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