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Study Material For Cisco Ccna Ccnp And Ccie Students

Study Material For Cisco Students

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This book is not designed to be a general networking topics book, although it can be used for that purpose. This book is intended to tremendously increase your chances of passing the CCNP ISCW

exam. Although other objectives can be achieved from using this book, the book is written with one goal in mind: to help you pass the exam.

So why should you want to pass the CCNP ISCW exam? Because it is one of the milestones toward getting the CCNP certification; no small feat in itself. And many reasons exist for getting CCNP certification. You might want to enhance your resume, demonstrate that you are serious about continuing the learning process, or help your reseller-employer obtain a higher discount from Cisco by having more certified employees. Or perhaps it would mean a raise, a promotion, or greater recognition.

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