The questions and scenarios in this book are designed to be challenging and to make sure that you know the answer. Rather than allowing you to derive the answers from clues hidden inside the questions themselves, the questions challenge your understanding and recall of the subject.

Hopefully, mastering these questions will help you limit the number of exam questions on which you narrow your choices to two options, and then guess.

You can find the answers to these questions in Appendix A. For more practice with exam-like question formats, use the exam engine on the CD-ROM.

1. Describe CEF and some of the characteristics that make it a more efficient switching mechanism than fast switching or process switching.

2. When might a mixed LDP/TDP environment be encountered and what are some ways to deal with such a scenario?

3. Altering the MTU properly is crucial to proper operation of any MPLS network. Where must the MTU be adjusted?

4. In the LDP table, an outlabel value of 3 has what significance?

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