IIN and the Teleworker

The idea of the Intelligent Information Network (IIN) brings into focus the idea that a network should be dynamic, flexible, and, above all, consistent in the experience offered to its user community. The IIN will provide service integration and allow the shared resource pools to maximize the business productivity. Intelligent networks make it possible to merge dissimilar networks (that is, traditional data, voice, and video networks) into a single, converged network. By building in the intelligence to adapt to changing resource needs and overcome resource silos by merging multiple mission-specific networks into a single entity, a tool is forged that is greater than the sum of its parts.

How is the IIN a greater tool? It does everything that its predecessors could do and more. More importantly, it can do those tasks at reduced cost due to simplification and virtualization. Cost reductions flow from having only one network to maintain and support rather than several. Value is added because applications and services require no additional infrastructure above what is already part of the IIN.

Teleworker connectivity is, by definition, a wide-area network (WAN) connectivity scenario. It contains many of the same needs and requirements as a branch office or other remote site. The connection must be secure, reliable, and capable of protecting critical traffic types such as voice and video.

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