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The primary focus of this book is not to teach material in the detail that is covered by an instructor in a 5-day class with hands-on labs. Instead, we tried to capture the essence of each topic and to present questions and scenarios that push the envelope on each topic that is covered for the ISCW exam.

The audience for this book includes both candidates who have successfully completed the ISCW class and candidates who have not taken the ISCW class but have a breadth of experience in this area. The show and debug commands from that class are fair game for questions within the ISCW exam, and hands-on work is the best way to commit those to memory.

If you have not taken the ISCW course, the quizzes and scenarios in this book should give you a good idea of whether you are sufficiently prepared to skip the class and test out based on your experience. On the flip side, however, you should know that although having the knowledge from just a classroom setting can be enough to pass the exam, some questions assume a CCNA level of internetworking knowledge.

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