Do I Know This Already Quiz

The purpose of the "Do I Know This Already?" quiz is to help you decide whether you really need to read the entire chapter. If you already intend to read the entire chapter, you do not necessarily need to answer these questions now.

The 7-question quiz, derived from the major sections in the "Foundation Topics" portion of the chapter, helps you to determine how to spend your limited study time.

Table 6-1 outlines the major topics discussed in this chapter and the "Do I Know This Already?" quiz questions that correspond to those topics.

Table 6-1 "Do I Know This Already?" Foundation Topics Section-to-Question Mapping

Foundation Topics Section

Questions Covered in This Section


Configure a Cisco Router as a PPPoA Client


Configure an ATM Interface for PPPoA


Configure the PPPoA DSL Dialer and Virtual-Template Interfaces


Total Score

CAUTION The goal of self-assessment is to gauge your mastery of the topics in this chapter. If you do not know the answer to a question or are only partially sure of the answer, you should mark this question wrong for purposes of self-assessment. Giving yourself credit for an answer that you correctly guess skews your self-assessment results and might provide you with a false sense of security.

1. ATM connections are formed through the use of which of the following?

2. To configure an ATM interface to carry a single protocol per virtual circuit, which encapsulation should be used?

a. aal5snap b. aal5mux c. aal5cisco d. aall

3. Which field in the LLC header contains protocol information?




4. If not specified, what is the default encapsulation used for an ATM PVC?

a. aal5mux b. aal5snap c. aal5cisco d. aal34smds

5. Which two types of logical interfaces may be used in a PPPoA configuration?

a. Loopback b. Dialer c. BVI

d. Virtual-template

6. Which command set is properly associating a logical interface with the interface to be placed under its control?

interface Ethernet0/1 dialer pool 1

interface Dialer0 dialer pool-member 1

interface Ethernet0/1 dialer pool-member 1

interface dialer0 dialer pool 1

interface ATM0/0 dialer-pool-member 1

interface virtual-template 1 encapsulation ppp d.

interface ATM0/0 pvc 0/35

dialer pool-member 1

interface dialer0 dialer 1

7. To automatically configure the type DSL implementation on the interface, which command is necessary?

a. dsl operating-mode auto b. dialer 1

c. dialer pool-member 1

d. interface virtual-template 1

The answers to the "Do I Know This Already?" quiz are found in Appendix A, "Answers to the 'Do I Know This Already?' Quizzes and Q&A Sections." The suggested choices for your next step are as follows:

■ 3 or fewer overall score—Read the entire chapter. This includes the "Foundation Topics," "Foundation Summary," and "Q&A" sections.

■ 4 or 5 overall score—Begin with the "Foundation Summary" section, and then go to the "Q&A" section.

■ 6 or more overall score—If you want more review on these topics, skip to the "Foundation Summary" section, and then go to the "Q&A" section. Otherwise, move to the next chapter.

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