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Tata Communications operates a Tier 1 global network under AS6453 and operates an extensive domestic network in India covering more than 120 cities under AS4755. Tata Communications was also chosen as the second network operator in South Africa under the name Neotel. Neotel is in the process of building a domestic countrywide IP network under AS36937 and will connect to the local AS6453 PoP. AS6453 comprises 80 POPs in 25 countries. The POPs are connected via a globe-spanning MPLS backbone of multiple 10-Gigabit transcontinental and continental connections. The backbone capacity is 700+ Gbps and carries more then 380 petabits globally per month. Tata Communications global IP backbone is shown in Figure 5-2.


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Tata Communications India domestic network operates under AS4755, covering over 120 cities. The AS4755 network consists of eight regions converging into eight Tier 1 POPs. This portion of Tata Communications network is shown in Figure 5-3.

Tata Communications Pops
Figure 5-3 Tata Communications India Domestic Network

This IP infrastructure guarantees Tata Communications global and national IP networks' readiness for Internet's next growth phase and its associated revenue opportunities. The terabit-level transoceanic cable capacity owned by the company (100+ subsea cables and a total of 206,356 km of combined terrestrial fiber and subsea cable) guarantees Layer 1 capacity that is capable of easily accommodating periods of the most explosive traffic growth.

The infrastructure is built on a variety of networking equipment and devices running a wide spectrum of OSs. The OSs currently deployed in Tata Communications infrastructure and those planned to be used going forward are listed in Table 5-12.

Table 5-12 Tata Communications IT Profile

Device Type



PCs, workstations

Windows 2003, Windows XP

Windows Vista



Routers and switches



Tata Communications network and services are fully managed and operated internally through a set of customized, commercially available applications. Tata Communications operates two Network Operations Centers (NOC) in North America and one in Asia. Similar to any service provider, the back-office systems are important, and their upgrade to support IPv6 represents a significant part of the effort of enabling and providing IPv6 services.

NOTE Tata Communications has a network administrator role (and partial ownership) in the SEA-ME-WE-4 (South East Asia-Middle East-West Europe 4) project (, which is "a next generation submarine cable system linking South East Asia to Europe via the Indian Sub-Continent and Middle East. The project aims to take these regions to the forefront of global communication by significantly increasing the bandwidth and global connectivity of users along its route between Singapore and France."

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