Router Utilization

Another customer had a multilocation network in place. The data infrastructure was Cisco-based, but the IP telephony solution installed was from a PBX manufacturer. The problems that this customer encountered were, for the most part, because of the network. One key problem was due in part to software from the PBX manufacturer, but the overall situation was a perfect example of the necessity of a

Figure 7-2 shows the layout for this organization. A key point is that this company designed this network so that the majority of calls coming in for the branch locations actually came in to the main location first, and were then directed to the branch locations.

Figure 7-2. Calls Distributed Across Corporate WAN

Figure 7-2. Calls Distributed Across Corporate WAN

First, it's important to note that no readiness assessment was conducted on the network prior to this installation. Like many other companies, this company decided to roll the dice and take its chances that its network was suitable for voice without any modifications. The results of this decision were the following problems:

• Callers experienced constant one-way audio.

• Callers were losing connections (dropped calls).

• Callers experienced excessive echo during calls.

• Voice mail quality was poor.

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