Have Plenty of Bandwidth

A company's belief that its bandwidth is sufficient is probably the most common—and most dangerous—misconception heard from potential convergence companies. More than anything else, companies assume that because voice only uses 64 K of bandwidth and they have, at a minimum, 100 Mbps of bandwidth, bandwidth isn't going to be an issue.

As previously stated, this isn't a case of enough bandwidth, but how the bandwidth is shared. Remember, in the PBX world, bandwidth isn't an issue—everyone is guaranteed their slice. No matter what else is going on in the PBX or on the network, when I get my bandwidth from the PBX, nothing can affect it. This is not the case in the data world, where packets are resequenced and retransmitted while people share network resources. So although the IP network has plenty of bandwidth, it is not guaranteed bandwidth. That is the difference.

Clearly, the one area where bandwidth is an issue is on the WAN. Here, the bandwidth is generally much more finite, and only a certain number of voice and data sessions are supported for a fixed bandwidth—hence, proper planning and alternate routing is a must.

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