Looking Ahead

"There's nothing wrong with my telephone. I can dial numbers easily, thank you very much. I don't need this touch-tone stuff."

Changes in this industry are happening before our eyes, both in terms of technical functionality and customer acceptance. Companies considering this technology often find themselves asking long-range, strategic questions about IP telephony:

® Where is this technology going?

® What kind of applications will we see two or three years from now?

® How quickly are new phones going to hit the market?

® Wll my investment today be obsolete in a year?

Companies want to know for certain that they are making the right decision, and they want to know what to expect so they can plan appropriately.

This book has looked at what is happening today in the IP telephony market. This final chapter takes a forward look at what can be expected in the near future for IPT. The primary areas of this discussion center on new types of clients (devices), new applications, and improved management. This chapter also explores the changing market for IP telephony.


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